Healthcare Services logos High Tech company logos Print Services, Jacobi Interiors, and NailChix logos Sports logos Metro Cleaning, IABC Conference icon, and Ventana Villas logos Infinity Massage and Global Retail Development logos Ranchwood, Yoga with Veva and Partners in Brainstorms logos Pagone Associates identity

HouseCalls Home IV Therapy
HouseCalls' high quality medical care is emphasized by the shape, color and clean nature of this home health services logo.
NewHaven Healing Center
The uplifting feeling of this mark represents the attitude of this naturopathic healing center, combining birds and flowers into one image.
Women's Pregnancy Services
This healthcare services for women brochure icon speaks volumes with two simple strokes.
Pinpointe Marketing
With only 3 seconds to impact, email marketing messages need to communicate instantly.
Doc Rominator
A small computer repair service with a personal touch.
Codisys3 Technologies
This computer systems company controls computer issues and improves productivity with custom programming. The logo expresses the simplicity they bring to your business operations.
Print Service Group
This broker specializes in large, overnight turn-around print projects.
Jacobi Interiors, Inc.
The geometric shapes and graceful curves prominent in Jacobi's design work is reflected in their mark.
"The not-so-dumb blonde company" is a nail salon product developer group.
Westview Knights Soccer Team
Designed for a high school girls' soccer team, this logo jazzed up the entire team's attitude.
Cotton Boll Bulldogs Cross Country
Tee shirts, posters and embroidered hats helped raise spirits for this long-distance track team.
Metro Cleaning Company
This office janitorial services company's billing doubled in less than 4 months after we created their new brand.
Who Says You Can't Take It With You?
This IABC conference icon represents all the extra information and media available to take home from the conference.
Ventana Villas
Contemporary architecture apartments with hints of Spanish styling. (Ventana menas window in Spanish).
Infinity Massage 2U
A mobile massage service with an emphaisis on holistic healing.
Global Retail Development Group
Incorporating the mark directly into the type simplified this corporation's identity, embodying their ambitions to grow larger.
Ranchwood Apartments
Rustic toned architecture and built on an old ranch, this hand-drawn logo captured the property's charm.
Partners in Brainstorms
Brainpower and creativity are emphasized for this marketing group with a 'virtual office' collaboration of consultants.
Yoga with Veva
Yoga instruction locally and for women-only retreats in Tuscany.
Pagone Associates Architects
Stationary Suite
A complete identity package, plus brochure and website created a distinctive image for this architectural firm. Both the note cards and business cards have two different backs printed on colored paper, creating a noticeable, yet understated, multi-color impression using economical two-color printing.