SmartBrush and BrushGuard Packages PR Promotion package and counseling poster Villa Vita and PT Risk Trade Show Banners Zilactin Baby package and Dial Posters Shiloh Custom Homes Gift Packages

CDS Associates
Toothbrush and BrushGuard Packaging
The Smartbrush and BrushGuard Packages' clean, bright appearance reflects the fresh ideas of these oral hygiene products. "We knew we were in very capable hands from our very first meeting. Our materials and booth looked fabulous and the reception by the Dental Professionals was wonderful." Ray Duane, Principal, CDS Associates
The Farnum Company
Farnum surrpassed it's competition in horse magazine reference articles with this PR campaign. The clever, boxed notebook contained ready-to-use, illustrated articles and a consumer give-away offer.
Maricopa County
Divorcing parents were reminded of the primary purpose of joint custody counseling with these over-sized, 4 ft x 6 ft posters.
Villa Vita International
Specializing in travel and time-share in Tuscany, Italy, Villa Vita International captivates prospects with consistent and alluring materials and displays.
PT Risk Management
This insurance brokerage firm specializes in dangerously explosive materials and their transport. This booth stops trade show traffic, drawing prospects from all across the show floor.
The Dial Corp
Dial's employee communication posters and payroll stuffers kept productivity up by answering employees' questions about up-coming health benefit changes.
Zila Pharmaceuticals
Zilactin's baby teething gel's bright, cool colors on white stood out on the shelf while sending a message of soothing pain relief to parents.
Shiloh Custom Homes
PR Referral Mail Campaign
Shiloh successfully reminded architects and real estate professionals, who worked in the north Scottsdale area, about their high-quality, custom construction. Unique gifts and poetic, soft-sell copy worked with the stylized graphics to emphasize the message. The promotions generated a telephone response of over 30% and the gifts were kept and used by the recipients, positioning Shiloh Custom Homes as a top-of-mind vendor.